Plastic free kitchen

Plastic free kitchen

12 ideas for less plastic in your kitchen

We all want to do the right thing by reducing our use of plastics around the house but often knowing what to do can be a challenge. Swapping out what we bring into the home starts with a bin audit. Plastic Free July have put together an easy ‘how to’ on completing a bin audit at home or in the work place. 

“Plastic is part of every room in the home. We’re encouraging all Aucklanders, including Auckland Council staff to look at some simple swaps for their kitchen, bathroom and laundry to eliminate single-use plastic from their daily lives.”

encourages Cr. Richard Hills, Chairperson of Auckland Council’s Environment and Climate Change Committee.

Here are 12 simple tips for saying goodbye to plastic waste in your kitchen.  

  • Choose glass or stainless-steel food storage containers and reuse what plastic containers you already have.
  • Rather than throwing plastic containers in your recycling, repurpose them for storage. 
  • Take your own reusable container to the supermarket, bulk store or local farmers’ market.
  • Use powdered dishwasher detergent in a cardboard box.
  • Find an alternative to synthetic fibre and plastic-based dish cloths by using a natural fibre cloth.  You can even knit or crochet your own.
  • Avoid plastic dishwashing detergent bottles by hand washing dishes with baking soda or a solid bar of soap.
  • Try natural, beeswax-coated cotton fabric wraps instead of plastic cling wrap.
  • Avoid soft-plastic and single-use packaging by baking your own biscuits, muffins, and breads, or making your own dips.
  • Opt for stainless steel or bamboo cooking utensils and pots and pans without a non-stick coating.
  • Try lining your rubbish bin with paper and rinse it out when dirty.
  • Find an alternative to putting food scraps in your rubbish bin so you don’t need to use a plastic bin liner.  Forty five per cent of an average Aucklander’s rubbish bin by weight is food scraps.  Reducing food waste can save you money and your rubbish won’t be as soggy.
  • Check out Love Food, Hate Waste New Zealand for tips on the best way to store your food to keep it fresher for longer (without plastic).