Multi-unit Inorganic collections

Multi-unit Inorganic collections

An inorganic collection happens once a year and is to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill. When we collect your inorganic items, we save anything we can repair, repurpose, or reuse. With your help, we can all participate to make Auckland zero waste to landfill by 2040.

How to use the inorganic Service in your building.

Contact your Building Manager or Body Corporate, they have booked the inorganic service on your behalf. They have the authority to represent your multi-unit development regarding the inorganic collection. Use of the service is subject to full terms and conditions, which are available at

Getting your inorganic right

Each unit can put out up to 1 cubic metre per rateable unit of accepted items for collection. Items must be able to be lifted by two people – please do not put out anything heavier than 55kg.

Your Building Manager or Body Corporate will inform you how, where and when to place items out for collection. Please do not leave items at the kerbside as we will not collect them – this is considered illegal dumping and can lead to fines of up to $400.

If you put out more than 1 cubic metre of items, items that are not accepted or items that are too heavy, will not be collected. You are responsible for correctly disposing of any items the collectors do not take from your property.

On your collection day

Your Building Manager or Body Corporate will instruct you on how, where and when to place items for collection.

Consider other options

If you have items you want to get rid of now and can’t wait for your inorganic collection, you can also take your reusable items directly to your local Community Recycling Centre, charges may apply. Support your local community by diverting unwanted items and diverting waste from landfill.

If you have items that aren’t suitable for putting in your inorganic collection, visit and use the “how to get rid of unwanted items” search tool to learn what to do with them.