Waste services for Waiheke visitors

Waste services for Waiheke visitors

New afterhours visitor bins at the CRRP

Published: Friday 7 May 2021

If you are visiting Waiheke Island, plan ahead to bring minimal packaging with you, choose reusable containers, pack in, pack out, and leave nothing behind.

There are now afterhours visitor bins for rubbish and recycling at the Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park (CRRP),which is conveniently located at 108-110 Ostend Road. If you’re a visitor and need to use this service, please keep these things in mind:

  • Only Auckland Council rubbish bags are accepted in the rubbish bin.
  • You can buy official Auckland Council rubbish bags from local supermarkets and selected convenience stores, the Waiheke service centre, and the CRRP.
  • Items for the recycling bin must be empty and clean.
  • The bins will only be accessible from 4:30 pm to 8 am daily.
  • The Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park is the only place to dispose of waste other than in your kerbside bins. Waiheke residents can drop off waste during the CRRP open hours of 8 am to 4 pm daily.

Cath Handley, Waiheke Local Board Chair, says, “The board knows that many people miss the ‘Throw and Go’ bins at the ferry terminals.

"The new central location is designed to provide a service to those who can’t use kerbside rubbish and recycling pickup such as weekend visitors and some holiday homeowners.

"Those at the eastern end of the island asked us for a solution and this is drive-by for them, which I hope answers their concerns.”

Protect our land. Waste nothing

It is up to all of us to keep this service available by using it correctly. Rubbish left outside of the bins could easily get into our waterways and harm our environment, so please make sure you are minimising your waste and placing items where they belong.

The afterhours visitor bins are monitored, and any rubbish placed without a council bag will be considered illegal dumping and subject to fines. Please do not leave items outside of the bins.

If you stop by the Community Resource Recovery Park during open hours, you’ll see waste minimisation efforts underway, led by the local community. The CRRP works to divert waste from landfill as much as possible. They also have an Op Shop where you can get a bargain on unwanted items others have left behind.

All rubbish and recyclables disposed of on Waiheke Island have to be transported back to the Auckland isthmus, so it is a great help when visitors minimise their waste and assist to keep Waiheke beautiful by using the available waste services correctly.

Together we can protect our land and waste nothing.