Visy Open Day 10 April

Visy Open Day 10 April

Ever wondered how your kerbside recycling gets sorted? Are you sure you know what goes in the recycling bin?

Published: Wednesday 31 March 2021

Visy Recycling sorts Auckland's kerbside recycling materials into their individual types - paper, steel, glass, plastics and aluminium. Register for an educational session on Open Day 10 April and learn how your kerbside recycling gets sorted, as well as how to recycle right.

It's free recycling education for Auckland residents. Auckland Council representatives will also be on hand to answer your recycling questions.

Come join us on Saturday 10 April.

What happens during the session?

  • You'll see our educational video, which shows the sorting process and discusses what can and can't be recycled in the bin
  • You'll have Q&A time with a Visy Recycling representative
  • You'll (weather permitting) walk around the primeter of the site to see where material is dropped off, and some finished bales of recyclables

Is it suitable for the whole family?

As it is a working industrial site, there are hazards (such as crossing a busy truck thoroughfare) and it is a dirty environment, not well suited to babies or young children who do not yet walk well (debris/glass on walk-ways) or who may want to investigate the environment with their hands & mouths.

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