Roadside recycling service keeps resources out of landfill

Roadside recycling service keeps resources out of landfill

Published: Wednesday 3 July 2019

Residents and ratepayers on Aotea Great Barrier Island are being encouraged to keep recycling, using their yellow recycling crates, in tandem with the new roadside rubbish collection service that launches on Monday 1 July.

The roadside recycling service, which launched in March 2018, remains in place as a complementary service to the new roadside rubbish service, to support the community to reach its target of zero waste to landfill by 2040.

“Our community has been doing a great job of recycling since the launch of the roadside recycling service in March 2018,” says local board chairperson Izzy Fordham.

“There are changes to the roadside rubbish collection service coming in from today, but that has no impact on what we are already doing with recycling. We should all continue to sort our plastic, glass, aluminium, and tins into our two, 60-litre yellow recycling crates. The crates will still be emptied every week on Mondays, along with either our new rubbish bag or wheelie bin.”

“If people have paper and cardboard, they should also keep bundling it together and place it next to their recycling crates on the roadside,” she says.

Alternatively, the community can drop off their recyclables free of charge at the new Community Recycling Centre, run by Envirokiwi Community Enterprise, located at the Claris Landfill.

The new roadside rubbish collection service gives properties paying a waste charge the option to dispose of their rubbish in an official Auckland Council 60-litre plastic rubbish bag or a 120-litre rubbish wheelie bin.

Roadside recycling service keeps resources out of landfill

“Although a weekly rubbish service remains in place, the rubbish bag or wheelie bin only needs to be put out on the roadside once it’s full,” says Izzy Fordham.

People not currently paying a waste charge can opt if they want to use the new roadside rubbish collection service along with the existing recycling service. If you’re a tenant, please contact your landlord or property manager for more information.

Auckland Council has made allowance for a transition period up until 5 August so that people can collect their rubbish bags or opt-in for a wheelie bin and have it delivered to their property.

After this date, all roadside rubbish will need to be placed in for collection in either an official council rubbish bag or a wheelie bin.

Local residents and ratepayers can visit to find out more details about the new roadside rubbish collection service and other changes to waste and resource recovery services.

An FAQ brochure has been sent to all ratepayers and residents. Additional copies are available at the Aotea Great Barrier Island Service Centre.