New RRN funding

Auckland welcomes a $10 million investment in new zero waste infrastructure

Resource recovery diverts valuable materials from landfill for a second life

Published: Friday 7 August 2020

Auckland Council welcomes the Ministry for the Environment announcement of $10.67 million for improvements to the Community Recycling Centres as part of the Resource Recovery Network across the Auckland region.

This $10 million Central Government funding will fast track the effectiveness of Community Recycling Centres through developing fit for purpose infrastructure. It will expand employment by increasing the volume of materials and the number of related activities they can undertake to work towards zero waste.

Mayor Phil Goff said the $10.67 million would be invested in capital projects across Auckland to make its resource recovery network more effective.

“Sending stuff to landfill wastes valuable resources that can be recycled and reused; it also contributes to climate change by creating carbon emissions,” he said.

“This investment will fast track the effectiveness of the Resource Recovery Network by building fit-for-purpose sites to enhance resource recovery activity towards a circular economy. It will also create around 50 jobs, much needed given the COVID-19 recession. It’s about creating a sustainable environment and economy that takes account of the needs of future generations and not just our own,” Phil Goff said.

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