New resource recovery and waste services coming to Waiheke in 2020

New resource recovery and waste services coming to Waiheke in 2020

Auckland Council enters into a 10-year agreement with AIM Services

Published: Friday 20 December 2019

Auckland Council has entered into an agreement for new resource recovery and waste services on Waiheke Island with Amenities and Infrastructure Maintenance (AIM) Services. The new services are designed to drive transformation in the way that the island manages its waste to achieve the community’s vision of zero waste to landfill by 2040.

Contracts for current waste services on the island are due to expire on 30 June 2020.

AIM Services will be partnering with local community organisations, Island Waste Collective and Clean Island, to deliver an integrated waste and resource recovery system that is focused on increasing community ownership for waste diversion.

Waiheke Island Local Board Chair, Cath Handley, says that she is personally delighted with the outcome.

“The previous Local Board put a great deal of energy and effort into working directly with council’s Waste Solutions division to create the terms of reference and the weighting given to various aspects of the tender. Waste Solutions’ management was open and responsive to the board’s suggestions.

“We wanted the services to be really future-focused with respect to the environment, to fit with the zero-waste target in our Local Board plan and our commitment to being carbon neutral, as well as delivering new economic and community development opportunities over time,” adds Cath Handley.

Following approval of the procurement recommendation by Auckland Council’s Strategic Procurement Committee back on 4 September, Waste Solutions’ staff has been in negotiations with AIM Services to finalise a memorandum of understanding and ensure that the services deliver on waste reduction and service quality requirements.

“Following the conclusion of negotiations, we are confident that residents and ratepayers will receive an efficient and cost-effective service,” says Parul Sood, General Manager Waste Solutions. “The focus has been on achieving delivery of a bundle of resource recovery and waste management services that contribute to the health, safety and wellbeing of the Waiheke Island community and the environment, while delivering great value for money to ratepayers.”

New services rolling out on 1 July 2020 will include:

  • Developing the existing refuse transfer station and Tahi Road AIM site into a new community resource recovery park, including a new reuse shop.
  • Rolling out roadside recycling wheelie bins as the standard council service. Council recycling bags will be offered to some customers, by exception. Assisted services will also be available to customers requiring additional support.
  • The change to a fortnightly roadside recycling collection service, to align with the recycling service offered across the rest of the Auckland region.t

Transforming waste into a resource

“The most transformational and exciting aspect of the new services is the opening of the Community Resource Recovery Park,” says Parul Sood. “The Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park (CRRP) will be the ninth facility to open within council’s wider Resource Recovery Network.

“The CRRP will bring together commercial, community and charitable sectors, and council in a new way with the primary aim of reducing waste to landfill. It provides multiple opportunities for waste to be turned into a resource, supporting Waiheke’s goals in the Tīkapa Moana Hauraki Gulf Islands Waste Plan.”

Parul Sood says there may be some changes to collection days and times for some parts of the island but that widespread changes are not anticipated.

In addition to the new Community Resource Recovery Park, Waiheke Islanders will see the roll-out of new community education and support services, waste haulage services, and inorganic collection services.

“Reducing waste to landfill has a major role to play in Waiheke reaching carbon neutral status.  The Local Board strongly believes the new resource recovery and waste services rolling out next year will move us in the right direction, while delivering new jobs and secure employment," says Cath Handley.

“Our zero-waste future will be guided by local decision-making and local accountability. It’s a sea change for Waiheke and I’m very excited.”