New recycling wheelie bins on their way for Waiheke

New recycling wheelie bins on their way for Waiheke

Upcoming changes to roadside waste collection services

Published: Monday 8 June 2020

Changes to Auckland Council’s roadside waste collection services on Waiheke are now underway. The new rubbish and recycling collection services are designed to reduce waste to landfill and align more closely with services delivered across the region.

Auckland Council’s General Manager Waste Solutions, Parul Sood, says the changes herald an exciting new era on the island with strong local community involvement focused on increasing ownership of waste minimisation initiatives and achieving the island’s zero-waste target.

Wheelie bins coming to a roadside near you

There will be a switch to a 240-litre recycling wheelie bin as the standard option for council recycling collections, which will reduce the number of plastic bags used on the island.

Properties that pay a waste charge and do not already have a recycling bin will have a new one delivered to their property before 30 June.

“People can start using their new wheelie bin as soon as it arrives. There is no need to wait until after 1 July. Customers who produce excess recycling volumes can use recycling drop-off facilities at the Community Resource Recovery Park or contact council on 09 301 0101 to discuss alternative solutions,” says Parul Sood.

From 1 July, council will no longer collect recycling put out on the roadside in unofficial containers, such as plastic bags, fishing crates or cardboard boxes.

Assisted services are available to customers with age-related or disability support needs who require assistance to get their household rubbish and recycling to the roadside each week. Please call council on 09 301 0101 to discuss your support needs.

“If you do not require assisted services but have concerns about using a wheelie bin at your property, please contact council to discuss what alternative recycling service solutions are available. Your recycling wheelie bin can be stored at the end of the driveway if it remains inside your property boundary,” says Parul Sood.

Collection days and times

The local Waiheke branch of AIM Services will be delivering roadside collection services after 1 July. From this date, the roadside recycling collection is changing from weekly to fortnightly. Rubbish collections will continue to be weekly. A handy collection day calendar will be sent out to all residents from 8 June. Locals can also check for their collection day using Auckland Council’s online rubbish collection day search.

To make roadside waste collections more efficient and effective, collections will start from 7am. Rubbish bins and / or bags, and recycling bins should be placed out on the roadside by 7am on collection day.

Benefits of recycling service changes

Parul Sood says wheelie bins are more convenient, cleaner, and safer for everyone.

“Unlike bags, bins can’t be ripped open by animals and create mess on our streets.  They also help protect people from being cut by sharp items. Bins are emptied by an automated arm on the recycling truck, minimising manual handling, making them a healthier and safer option for our local drivers, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

The introduction of fortnightly recycling collections will align Waiheke with the rest of the region, reducing current weekly collection costs and decreasing the island’s reliance on subsidised rates.  Less frequent collections will also reduce the carbon footprint of kerbside collection services and help move the island towards its goal of being the region’s first carbon neutral local board area.  

Meeting local community needs

With the switch over to bins, it is a chance for the Waiheke community to be kind and neighbourly, says Parul Sood.

“If your neighbour is going to be away, have a chat and see if you can help by taking out and bringing in their bin or bins from the roadside on collection day.”

Orange is the new red

Roadside rubbish will continue to be collected in official Auckland Council rubbish bags, but the colour of the bags will be changing from red to orange so that the bag is the same across the Auckland region. People can continue using the red bags until stocks have run out. Residents currently using a yearly rubbish bag allocation have been sent a bag redemption letter with details on how to redeem their annual bag allocation.

If customers want to reduce their use of single-use plastic bags further, they can contact council to switch to a 120-litre roadside wheelie bin for their weekly rubbish collection.

Household waste and the Community Resource Recovery Park

For those that do not pay a waste charge, you will be able to drop off household rubbish (charges may apply) and recyclables at the new Community Resource Recovery Park (RRP), which will open on Friday 3 July. Alternatively, you can purchase official Auckland Council 60-litre rubbish bags from the Waiheke Island service centre, currently at a cost of $3.90 each. 60-litre council rubbish bags may also be available for purchase from local Countdown and Four Square outlets (prices may vary).

Helpful ways to find out more

Auckland Council sent out information about the new services to residents by post and email on Thursday 28 May. Further information about the specific details of collection times for each household will be sent out on Monday 8 June, along with a helpful guide to Waiheke Island’s waste services.

The Waiheke community can also find out more about the changes by visiting