New Contractors

New contractors

North Shore and Waitakere

Published: Wednesday 1 July 2020

The contractor who collects Auckland Council rubbish bins and bags in the North Shore and Waitakere areas is changing from Monday 6 July 2020.

The new contractor will be implementing new truck routes, so you will notice that the rubbish truck will arrive at a different time than normal.

Will my collection day change?

No, there are no planned collection day changes in this area from July 2020.

Are there any changes to recycling?

No, this change only affects rubbish collections.

Why is my collection time changing?

The existing collection routes aren’t the most efficient way to drive all the streets in the area. The new routes are designed to be more efficient and make the rubbish collection service more reliable.

When do the changes take place?

Monday 6th July 2020

I put my bin out and it wasn’t collected, what do I do?

If you put your rubbish bin out the night before, or before 7am on your collection day, then please call us on 09 301 0101 to arrange a collection. If you put your bin out after 7am it’s possible that the truck has already gone past your property. If your bin isn’t collected by 7pm please take it back in and put it out next week. If you have excess rubbish you can take it to your nearest transfer station.

What did Auckland Council do to inform me of the change?

While Auckland Council rubbish collections have always run from 7am (or earlier in some areas), we understand that some residents may be used to putting their bin out later in the day. We’ve put signage around major transport routes to inform residents of the change. You may have also seen posts on your local board Facebook page, Neighbourly, and OurAuckland.

I’m concerned about job losses – what will happen to the old drivers?

The number of properties needing rubbish collections hasn’t changed – so we still need drivers and runners. Many of our current drivers and runners will be employed by the new contractor and you’ll still see the same people picking up your bins.