Litter-busting tips for summer

Waste and litter-busting tips for summer

Published: Tuesday 7 January 2020

Throughout summer, Auckland’s parks, beaches and Hauraki Gulf islands are flooded with day-trippers, campers and holidaymakers.

To keep our public spaces beautiful, Auckland Council is encouraging everyone to put litter in its place while out and about.

“It's about disposing of all types of litter responsibly to make sure it doesn't find its way onto rural roadsides, city streets or our harbour, as well as our many parks and waterways,” says Parul Sood, Auckland Council’s Waste Solutions General Manager.

While Auckland Council provides and services some public place litter bins in urban streets, beaches, and parks across the region, it is better for people to ‘pack in and pack out’ when venturing out.

“We encourage people to think about waste when planning outings. Public place litter bins are designed for small pieces of litter from passers-by and don’t have the capacity to deal with large quantities of waste.”

Whether planning a day walking one of our AKLPaths, enjoying a picnic with friends or family/whānau at the beach or one of our regional parks, or heading out on the water, it’s great to make a plan to take waste home and dispose of it responsibly in your kerbside waste or recycling bins.

"It makes a difference if we pack food and other items in reusable containers, wherever possible, and remove excess packaging before leaving the house.  For the rest, pack extra bags and take the leftover waste home,” Sood says.

For takeaway treats like fish and chips or pizza take the rubbish home, if at all possible, or use a public bin. Empty pizza boxes can go in your kerbside recycling bin. If you’re unable to take them home, try to crush or fold them to fit inside a public bin, so others can also use the bin.

If you spot an overflowing public place bin, while you’re out and about around Auckland, please call the council on 09 301 0101 to report it and we’ll arrange to empty the bin. 

“Even the smallest bits of rubbish, like cigarette butts and chewing gum, cause a big problem,” explains Sood. 

“With some thought and planning, we can protect our Auckland and prevent unnecessary waste polluting our natural environment.”