Make the most of waste by the Auckland Council

Other disposal options

Why not consider selling, giving away or donating unwanted items directly? Here are some ideas.

  • Ask family or friends if they would like your unwanted items or use a community Facebook group to offer items to others in your neighbourhood.
  • There are online networks that connect people giving items away with those who want them. Check out websites like
  • You could sell or swap items through a second-hand store, an online auction site, or work together with your neighbours to host a community garage sale.
  • Charity shops (sometimes called op shops) accept donations of some items in resellable condition. They sell these items to raise money for their cause. Please check with your local charity store if they are currently accepting donations and if they only take items for donation during the store's opening hours.
  • lists companies that recycle things like batteries, building materials, metals and more. Fees may apply.
  • Some companies offer end-of-life disposal schemes for things like paint or oil – click here to learn more