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Green waste disposal on Waiheke

key information

A gate fee will apply for the disposal of garden “green” waste at the Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park. Introducing user pays charges on 31 August 2020 brings the Waiheke community in line with charges applied in other local areas.

There have always been charges for disposing of non-compostable green waste, and those are not changing.

Commercial customers can dispose of green waste at Greenacres Waiheke directly. Please contact them to make any financial arrangements.

New green waste fee structure at Waiheke Community Resource Recovery Park:

  • 60-litre bag – $5

  • Car boot load – $15

  • Single axle trailer (no cage) / station wagon / ute load – $30

All other green waste loads assessed by weight:

  • $180 per tonne
  • Minimum charge - $30

Non-compostable green waste has always been separated out and charged as general waste. For example, noxious weeds, pampas, flax, toetoe, ginger, bamboo, tradescantia, all palms, and tree roots.

The biosecurity team has previously offered a couple “weed amnesty” drop off periods each year. The Community Resource Recovery Park welcomes that initiative and intends to take part when those are announced. Previously the pest plants included were Tradescantia, Pampas, Old mans beard, Moth plant, Ginger roots, Bamboo, Phoenix, Fan palm, and Gorse.

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About the Community Resource Recovery Park

The Waiheke Zero Waste Partnership – made up of the local Waiheke branch of AIM Services and local community organisations, Island Waste Collective and Clean Island – is running the Community Resource Recovery Park in collaboration with Auckland Council.

The site layout continues to be designed to help the community divert waste from landfill.

Terry Coe, Waste Enterprise and Refuse Manager at Auckland Council, commends the local community for leading with a sustainable alternative to landfills, saying, “The local team is adapting quickly to the needs of their customers. Their strong connections to the community enhance the zero-waste aspirations for the island.”

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Plan your visit to the CRRP by visiting their website.