Kawau Island waste services

Kawau Island waste services

There are no public rubbish or recycling bins on Kawau island.

There are no longer large Molok bins at Sandspit wharf. Due to illegal use of these bins by recreational boat users, local mainland residents or commercial operators, they have been removed.

There is now a secure rubbish and recycling enclosure near Sandspit wharf for use by residents of Kawau Island only. The new enclosure has a pin-code entry-gate and contains bins for Kawau Island residents to place their household rubbish and recycling. The pin-code combination has been sent to Kawau Island ratepayers and the Kawau Island Residents and Ratepayers Association.

For visitors to Kawau Island and the Sandspit area, we encourage you to plan ahead, reduce your waste by choosing reusable containers and minimal packaging, and to take your rubbish and recycling away with you for disposal via your kerbside collection service.

If a kerbside collection is not available to you, or you have additional waste to dispose of, you will need to make arrangements with a private collector, or drop the waste to a local waste facility.

The local Community Recycling Centres (CRC) near Sandspit may accept drop offs of waste for disposal. Charges may apply.

  • Lawrie Road CRC, 55 Lawrie Road, Snells Beach.          
  • Rustybrook Road CRC, 141 Rustybrook Road, Wellsford.          

What you need to know

  • There are no longer Molok bins at Sandspit.
  • There is a new rubbish and recycling enclosure near Sandspit wharf for use by residents of Kawau Island only.
  • Excess rubbish and recycling, and larger items may be able to be taken to your local Community Recycling Centre (CRC) - Lawrie Road CRC, Warkworth and/or Rustybrook Road CRC, Wellsford. For opening hours, prices and accepted items visit mahurangiwastebusters.nz
  • Visitors to Kawau Island are encouraged to pack in and pack out, take any rubbish or recycling back home with them, and use their own kerbside rubbish and recycling collection for responsible disposal.

To report any issues with the enclosure or if you have any further queries please Contact us.