Visiting Aotea GBI

Visiting Aotea / Great Barrier Island

How to be a waste-wise visitor

If you are visiting Aotea / Great Barrier Island on holiday, plan ahead, bring minimal packaging with you, choose reusable containers, pack in, pack out, and leave nothing behind.

All rubbish disposed of on Great Barrier Island is currently sent to Aotea Transfer Station, which is reaching capacity and will need to be closed in the near future. All recycling has to be transported back to Auckland for processing.

If you must dispose of waste while visiting the island, here’s what you need to know:

  • Visitors should use roadside rubbish and recycling collection services, drop off recyclables to Anamata Community Recycling Centre and deliver rubbish to Aotea Transfer Station during opening hours, or take their waste away and dispose of it responsibly on the mainland.
    • Gate fees apply to waste dropped off at the Aotea Transfer Station. Official council rubbish bags can be dropped off at no extra charge.
    • Anamata Community Recycling Centre, operated by Envirokiwi Community Enterprise, is located at 66C Gray Road, Claris.
  • If visiting over the Christmas and New Year break, there is a summer pop-up service available at Port Fitzroy between 10am and 3pm on certain days between 22 December 2021 and 8 February 2022 to assist visitors, including boaties, to dispose of rubbish and recycling. For information, please see the pop-up calendar:


To print the Summer  User-Pays Pop-Up Calendar

Roadside rubbish collection

  • Use the weekly roadside rubbish collection service for council rubbish bags or rubbish bins (if available at your accommodation)
  • Place out on collection day, before 8am.
  • You can buy official council rubbish bags from the Aotea / Great Barrier Service Centre from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. They are closed from 24 December to 9 January 2022.
    • 40-litre bags cost $3.20
    • 60-litre bags cost $4.20
  • 60-litre council rubbish bags may also be available for purchase from these outlets. Prices may vary:
    • Stonewall Store - 82 Blackwell Drive, Tryphena
    • Port Fitzroy General Store - 2070 Aotea Road, Port Fitzroy
    • Claris Store - 129 Hector Sanderson Road, Claris
    • Mulberry Grove Store - 1 Mulberry Grove Road, Mulberry Grove
    • Great Barrier Lodge - 735 Whangaparapara Road, Whangaparapara
    • Anamata Resource Recovery Shop - 66C Gray Road, Claris.

Roadside recycling collection

  • Use the yellow 60-litre recycling crates, if available at your accommodation, to sort your plastic, glass, aluminium, and tins. 
  • Flatten all paper and cardboard, then bundle securely, and place next to the recycling crates on the roadside on collection day. 
  • A total of 120 litres (two recycling crates' worth) of mixed recyclables (plastic, metal, and glass) can be placed out each week, along with the equivalent (two recycling crates' worth) in paper and cardboard.
  • Recycling will be collected each week, along with either the rubbish bag or rubbish bin.
  • Place the recycling crates out on the roadside on collection day, before 8am.

Please refer to for up-to-date collection information, including delays due to public holidays.

You can also take recycling to the Anamata Community Recycling Centre, or visit the Aotea Transfer Station to dispose of rubbish. Summer hours: 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 3pm every Saturday between 20 December 2021 and 5 February 2022. Closed Sunday and public holidays.