Aotea Transfer Station

Aotea Transfer Station

Aotea Transfer Station

All rubbish disposed of on Great Barrier Island is currently sent to Aotea Transfer Station, which will need to be closed in the near future as it is close to reaching capacity.

Gate fees at the Aotea Transfer Station encourage everyone to do all they can to recycle and divert rubbish from landfill, so we achieve our goal of zero waste to landfill by 2040.

Waste disposal costs on Aotea Great Barrier Island have been heavily subsidised by Auckland Council. Gate fees for the disposal of some items at Aotea Transfer Station means that people are now paying a contribution towards the total cost of disposal, but Auckland Council is still partially subsidising waste disposal through regional rates.

From Friday 1 July 2022, new gate fees apply at the Aotea Transfer Station. 

Gate fees current as of 1 July 2022

Reusable Items

As accepted

Recyclables (Glass bottles, tins, cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, batteries, printer & toner ink cartridges)


Refuse per tonne ($10 minimum charge)

$280 / tonne

Refuse 60-litre Bag*

$7 each

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste


  • Larger loads by tonne ($10 minimum charge)

$280 / tonne

Clean Fill


Green Waste / Untreated Wood


  • 60-litre Bag

$5.50 each

  • Car boot

$21 each

  • Ute, small trailer, van

$31 each

  • Large / Tandem trailer

$52 each

  • Larger loads by cubic metre


  • Green waste including pampas, flax, toetoe, ginger, bamboo, tradescantia, all palms (including cabbage tree) and tree roots

$280 / tonne

Tyres, car ($12.50 if rim included)

$7.50 each

Tyres, light truck

$21 each

Tyres, truck

$62 each

TVs, Computers, Household electrical appliances

$21 each

Household electrical appliances (small - e.g. toaster or kettle)

$5.50 each


$26 each

LPG gas bottles

$5.50 each

Unwanted motor vehicles

$78 each

Waste oil, per litre


Household Hazardous Waste ($5 per extra 20L)

Free if less than 20 litres

Commercial / Industrial Hazardous Waste

By prior arrangement

Septic Tank Disposal Waste

$62 / tank

 * Household rubbish in official council bags will be accepted at the Aotea Transfer Station for no additional cost.

How do I dispose of my septic tank waste?

Septic tank waste continues to be accepted at the Aotea Transfer Station. A disposal fee of $62 per tank is charged at the Aotea Transfer Station to the septic tank collector.  Please contact your collector/service provider to find out what additional charges may be applicable for the disposal of your septic tank waste.

Can I drop off hazardous waste to the Aotea Transfer Station?

Yes, household hazardous waste is still accepted at Aotea Transfer Station. Household hazardous waste (up to 20-litres) is accepted free of charge. Commercial hazardous waste is not accepted at the Aotea Transfer Station.  If you need to dispose of hazardous waste from your business, or if you have more than 20-litres in volume, please contact Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 for advice on how best to dispose of it.

Official Auckland Council rubbish bags are accepted at the Aotea Transfer Station during opening hours for no additional charge. If you are leaving the island before the collection day in your area, you can drop off your official council bag/s to the transfer station, and separated recycling to the CRC. Waste may be dropped off to the transfer station in other bags at a cost of $7 per bag. 

For properties that are sea or foot access only and do not pay a waste charge, instead of using the drop-off points, you now need to purchase official Auckland Council orange plastic rubbish bags from the Aotea / Great Barrier Island Service Centre to dispose of your rubbish. In terms of collection, please contact the Aotea / Great Barrier Island Service Centre so that we can assess options and make suitable arrangements for your rubbish collection.

Alternatively, private collectors are permitted to offer collections. You can arrange a private waste collection service, at your cost.