What You Need to Know

What you need to know

Papakura is the first area in the Auckland region to use the new three-bin rubbish collection service and the first large-scale area to use a weekly food scraps collection service. Residents have diverted more than 2000 tonnes of food scraps from landfill. 

The three-bin service includes:

  • A 240 litre recycling bin for household plastic containers, paper, cardboard, cans, tins and glass containers, which is already in use around the region.
  • A 23 litre food scraps bin for all household food scraps, and a 6 litre kitchen caddy to go in your kitchen to collect food scraps.
  • A rubbish bin (80, 120 or 240 litres). A 120L bin is provided as standard. You can request smaller bins (80L) or larger bins (240L).

The recycling collection is covered by your rates. The food scraps kerbside service is paid for by a targeted rate. Rubbish is collected using the 'Pay As You Throw' tag system. 

Rural properties are not included in the food scraps collection and can choose to use a wheelie bin or orange bags for rubbish. 

Food scraps collection

The average Auckland household rubbish bag/bin contains around 45 per cent food scraps.

Each household has a kitchen caddy to collect food scraps and a larger bin to empty these scraps into. Your food scraps kerbside bin should be placed out weekly to be emptied.

Use a council bin liner for your food scraps kitchen caddy to keep the odours at bay. Using liners is optional. However, if you do choose to use liners, only official Auckland Council compostable liners will be accepted. Liners are available to purchase at your local supermarkets, Service Centres and Libraries for $2 per pack of eight.

Order your food scraps bin now from Auckland Council 

The collected food scraps are processed on a commercial scale for beneficial re-use including the production of compost for agriculture and farming.

This will significantly reduce the amount of material sent to landfill – saving residents money on rubbish disposal and benefiting the environment.

Pay-as-you-throw rubbish collection

Each household was provided with a standard (120 litres) rubbish bin for their household rubbish. The rubbish bin collection replaced the orange pre-paid rubbish bag.

Households pay for the collection of their rubbish through a tag system, available at major local retail outlets. Residents can choose how often they want to have their bin emptied by attaching the tag to their bin.

The pre-paid tags are $4.50 per bin tag for an orange tag for a standard-sized rubbish bin (120L).  

Smaller bins (80L) or larger bins (240L) are available to order. 

If you have a smaller bin (80L) you will need to buy a blue tag for $3.00; if you have a larger bin (240L), you'll need to buy a green tag for $6.50. 

The rubbish collection service is weekly.