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North Shore, it’s time for a change. Your new pay as you throw bin system is all go! Bins keep our streets cleaner and safer for everyone.

Phasing out plastic bags will standardise our service across the region, be better for the environment and help us on our journey towards zero waste.

Here are your key dates:

North Shore     


Tags on sale in North Shore

 15 March 2018

Tagged bin collections start (bag collections continue), bag sales stop 

 9 April 2018

Bag collections stop, only council service in this area is tagged bins  

 29 June 2018


Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a tag from your supermarket checkout.

2. When your rubbish bin is full, take your old 140L blue bin, or new 120L green and red bin to the kerbside by 7am on your usual collection day. Attach the tag to the left hand bin handle so our collectors can see them.

3. Our trucks will collect rubbish bins with a tag on your usual collection day.

7 things you need to know

1. You don’t need to buy rubbish bags

Rubbish can be placed directly in the bin. Sales of Auckland Council orange bags stopped on 9 April.

2. Your rubbish collection days stay the same

Put your bin on your kerb by 7am on your usual collection day.

3. Put your old blue bin back into action as your rubbish bin

If your old bin is broken or you need a new one, you can request a bin here.

4. Tags are on sale at supermarket checkouts

Pre-paid tags cost for $3.80 per bin tag for a standard bin (120L/140L). You can buy them at your supermarket checkout, dairies and petrol stations. Tags for larger bins (240L) cost $5.50. Tags for smaller bins (80L) cost $2.60.

5. Attach the tag to the left handle  

On the back of the tag the instructions explain how to place the tag around the bin handle. Each time you put your bin out; attach a tag to the left hand bin handle so our collectors can see them.

6. Tags are secure

Tags include security cut outs and a space to write your address. This means that someone who takes a tag off someone else’s bin won’t be able to use it for themselves. 

7. Bag collections stopped 29 June

Each time you want us to collect your bin, put a tag on your bin and put it on the kerb on your usual collection day.   

Rural areas

If you are in a rural area, check whether your property can continue to use orange bags or a bin, or search for your address on our website.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have a bin - what do I do?

You can request a new bin. Please click here to request a new bin.

Can I change my bin to a larger or smaller size?

Yes, you can. Click here.

When and where can I buy tags?

You can buy tags at supermarket check outs across North Shore. You can also buy them at dairies and petrol stations, as well as Auckland Council service centres and libraries.

How do the tags work?

The tag works like an airport luggage tag – on the back of the tag instructions explain how to place the tag around the bin handle. Attach the tag to the left-hand bin handle so our collectors can see them. 

I have bags left; what do I do?

Collections of orange Auckland Council bags on the North Shore have now stopped.

Do I need to put the bin out every week?

No. If your bin isn’t full you can wait until it is full before attaching a tag and putting it out. The new service is a ‘pay as you throw’ service

Your rubbish and recycling bin collection days stay the same. Rubbish collections will continue to be available weekly (with a prepaid tag) and recycling will be collected fortnightly.

Click here to check out more frequently asked questions.