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What you need to know

Great Barrier Island Roadside Recycling Service

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What's changing?

  • Auckland Council will be providing recycling crates to all rateable households on Great Barrier Island.
  • Two recycling crates will be delivered to your property on 26 September 2018.
  • When your recycling crate is full, take it to the roadside by 8am on your usual collection day (Monday).
  • Our trucks will collect your recycling crate on your usual collection day.


Key dates

Recycling crate delivered to rateable properties

26 Sept 2018

Roadside Recycling collections start

01 Oct 2018

Regular recycling drop-off points removed*

14 Oct 2018

 Claris Waste Station relocated to 70 Gray Road

14 Oct 2018

 *Rubbish and recycling stations will remain.


Why recycling crates over the recycling drop-off points?

  • Better for the environment – we’re working towards a zero-waste future with specific targets to reduce plastic and waste sent to landfill. A roadside collection encourages people to recycle more as it is more convenient. A weekly recycling collection is more efficient and costs less.
  • Better value –Great Barrier Island residents asked for a better value recycling system as part of the local board plan to lead the region on the path towards zero waste.
  • Better choice – smart and easy for the residents of Great Barrier Island to use.


More need-to-know information

You don’t need to use plastic bags, recyclables can be placed directly in the crate

Bags can still be used to collate your cardboard and paper collected at the roadside.

Your rubbish collection days stay the same

Put your crate, rubbish and your separated paper/cardboard on the roadside by 8am on your usual collection day.

If 2 x 60L crates you have been delivered are not big enough

Use your recycling crates for glass, tins, cans and plastic. Paper and cardboard is collected separately and should be left by the side of the crate. If you have excess recycling, you can drop this off at the Claris landfill free of charge.

What if your crate gets broken or goes missing?

If your 60L crate gets broken or goes missing you can request a replacement. Contact your local service centre on 09 429 0258 or contact the Call Centre on 09 301 0101.

Crate collections start 1 October 2018

Each time you want us to collect your crate, place it on the roadside on your usual collection day (Monday), from 01 October 2018