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Frequently Asked Questions

Great Barrier Island Roadside Recycling Service

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What is changing?

Auckland Council will be providing crates on 26 September 2018 to residential households on Aotea Great Barrier Island

How much will the crate cost me?

Nothing. The crate is paid for as part of your Waste Management rates.

Will my rubbish collection day change?

No, rubbish collection days will stay the same.

I don’t pay a waste charge – what do I do?

Only rateable properties who pay a waste charge will be eligible for 2 x 60L recycling crates and the roadside collection service. If you are not paying a waste charge, then you can request to opt in. Please contact your local service centre on the island at 09 429 0258 for more information.

I didn’t receive any crates – what do I do?

If you are paying a waste charge but did not receive crates, or your crates have gone missing, you can request replacement crates. If you are not paying a waste charge, then you can request to opt in. Please contact your local service centre on the island at 09 429 0258 for more information.

Can I change my crate to a larger or smaller size?

No, the 2 x 60L crates supplied are a standard size of 60L. If the crates are not required or not suitable please contact your local service centre for advice.

Do I need to put my crate out every week?

You can decide. If your crate isn’t full, you can wait until it is full before putting it out on your usual collection day. Your collection day remains the same. Rubbish collections will continue weekly.

Where do I put my crate out when I want it emptied?

Your crate must be placed on the roadside, the same place as you would put your rubbish and paper/card. Ensure your location is on a serviceable road. See map. Make sure your crates are not in the road.

There is no recycling collection on my street?

If your property is located on a street that is not serviced or a private road, you can use a designated consolidation point. Your crates must be returned to your property following collection.

Can I leave my yellow crate at the consolidation point?

No. Your yellow crate must be returned to within your property boundary within 24 hours of collection. If your crate is left, it may be removed permanently.

How will I know which crate belongs to me?

On 26 September crates will be delivered to each property where possible. Properties using designated consolidation points will have the address marked. If you do not have your address marked on your crate, you can mark this with a permanent marker.

Why is the crate yellow?

Yellow is the national and international colour for mixed recycling. International standards have been developed to improve the messaging around how and what to recycle. Ultimately better messaging should lead to better quality and increased recycling.

Why have the recycling stations been removed?

A roadside collection encourages people to recycle more as it is more convenient. A weekly recycling collection is more efficient and costs less to run.

Why are there still waste stations at Port Fitzroy, Whangaparpara wharf, Shoal Bay wharf & OUTSIDE Claris Landfill?

The 4 remaining waste stations are for customers who will not be on the island on collection day. Boaties and Visitors can also use the rubbish and recycling stations.

Why has Claris waste station been relocated to outside the Claris landfill?

The waste station at Hector Sanderson Road was misused by many (including businesses) and service levels were intensive. The waste station will be moved to OUTSIDE the Claris landfill on 70 Gray Road to reduce costs associated with collection.

Can I put my recycling directly in the crates?

Recycling can be placed directly in the crate(s). Bags can still be used for the paper collection.

Additional recycling crate

If the 2 x 60L crates delivered to you are not big enough:

  • Remember to use your recycling crates for glass, tins, cans and plastic only (Paper and cardboard is collected separately and should be left by the side of the crates.)
  • If you have excess recycling, you can drop this off at the Claris landfill free of charge.